Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family Campout at Hagerman

Sorry, no pictures again! We got rained on quite a bit, so we didn't bring the camera out. We had a fun time in spite of the weather.
It was a pretty nice campground. We could see the river, but were far enough away so we didn't worry too much with small children. Seth and the older two boys slept in the tent while Camren and I slept in the van. I was afraid he would wake everyone up at night. We had lots of fun visiting, we had yummy food and treats, and some fun activities for everyone.
We got to see an alligator farm. I thought they were gonna be little baby ones, but these were huge, fully grown alligators. We also got to see some really big fish and cute lily pads.
The guys were able to do some fishin' one night, while the girls visited and tried to keep the kids entertained. The kids actually got along really well and the mom's didn't really have to do much by way of entertainment! We did bring a few activities for the kids though. Aunt Valerie brought stuff to make puppets, Aunt Erin brought play dough, and I brought stuff to make stamps. We also played" kick the can" with a neighboring group of campers! We got to go swimming in the wonderfully heated pool one day. It was fun. It took Camren a little while to get used to the water. He is NOT a water baby. Brogan and Gavin however love to go swimming and took to the water like fishies.....with floaties!
The dad's took the kids fishing on our last morning there. They were reeling in fish left and right! All in all I think everyone had a great time!
Thanks Jared and Erin for planning a fun weekend!

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