Sunday, September 12, 2010

We didn't get a community pool pass this summer, but Brogan
 and Gavin had fun playing in their little wading pool! They
had water fights with the hose and water guns.
They even included Camren in the fun!
Here they are making plans of attack!
Poor Camren,  He kept getting squirted with the water
gun!  He was such a good sport and didn't even cry,
but he doesn't look all too thrilled either!
  Here's the evil villian!

Camren says, "I'll get even, put the water gun down or I'll eat
your frisbee---ahahaha!"

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Deidra Smith said...

Cute pics. I don't think it got warm enough here to swim more than just a handful of times the whole summer. We didn't even get a wading pool. Glad you guys were able to have more fun in the water.