Sunday, September 26, 2010

Farley Family Reunion 2010 Colville, WA

We were going to attend the Phillips family reunion this year in Washington, but it was canceled due to several different things.  The Farley's were still game for a get together though, so we decided to have our own family reunion! It was so much fun! 
We did a favorite family tradition  for familiy night......SKITS!  We split into three groups.  Each group had to pick ten props to put into a sack.  Then we exchanged the sacks and had to come up with an impromptu skit using the props.  We also had to incorpaorate a gospel principle.  It was a riot!



We spent a day at a camp ground near where my parents live.  It was much cooler there.  The kids played in the stream, we played card games, went on hikes, and had a hot dog and marshmallow roast!

We spent one day at the park.  We played lots of different games including water balloon volley ball and horseshoes!



We spent a couple of days down at the river trying to keep cool!  The water is freezing but that didn't stop just about everyone from jumping in.  The sand is always a hit too. 

Mom and dad let us camp out in their yard!  It was perfect!  Thanks for a great time everyone!

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