Sunday, May 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

We love celebrating St. Patrick's Day at our house.
First we have to find something green to wear
so we don't get pinched. Mom always finds fun
things to eat that go along with the holiday!
Lucky Charms and green milk for breakfast!

For lunch we had shamrock egg salad sandwiches,
key lime yogurt, green milk, cheetoh's, carrots, and a
green snowball for dessert!
Mom found some fun coloring sheets and mazes
for us to do at dinner time. We had some more green
food for dinner. Pasta died green, green jello,
broccoli, and green kool aid!
We made these fun bowler hats! Aunt Tressie
joined in the festivities!
Shamrock sugar cookies and pastachio pudding
topped off our green food for the day!
That mama sure has some cute leperchauns!
Don't ya think?


Gina Hurst said...

You are so cute and clever!

Deidra Smith said...

How fun. I mostly forgot it was St. Patricks. I got the kids out of the house with green on and then pooped out on the rest:( Cute ideas!

Michelene said...

You're so creative. I bet your kids love all the holidays cause you make them so fun. You're ideas are inspiring. :)

Janet said...

ohhhh, such cute hats! I'm gunna try to remember those for next year! I really wish we lived closer - then we could do our crafts together!

Jandy Lou said...

You're such a great mom! I love all the fun ideas. I'm wit Janet, closer would be nice!