Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thursday full of fun!

The Thursday before Valentines was a very busy
one for us. We had lots of fun activities planned.
First, Gavin had a Valentine's party at preschool.
Whitney planned the party. They focused
on the letter "O" The kids decorated paper bags
to collect their Valentine's from each other in. She
told them a story about Mr. O, and they had a
treasure hunt to find orange frosted Valentine
Second, we had a Valentine party at our house
for our play group. We read a funny Valentine
We frosted cupcakes and decorated them with
sprinkles and candies!
We made a fun Valentine butterfly craft!
The kids played special agents on the bunkbeds!
We had lots of yummy treats and snacks!
I found this neat craft in the "Family Fun"
magazine. It's called an oracle. It's like those
magic 8 balls. It was fun to make and I had
to share with everyone at the party!
Maybe everyone had fun. I did and thanks to
all those who came!
That night my friends planned a girl's night out.
My birthday being our excuse to get together. We
played some fun games. I love to play games!
Then we had some delicious cheesecake. There was
also chocolate mousse, but my baby doesn't like me so
much when I eat chocolate so I'll have to try some
of that next time. I don't like being the center of
attention, but they made me blow out candles.
I am so blessed to have such great friends.
Thanks you guys.

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