Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

We had fun getting ready for Christmas! Putting up
the decorations, doing our "count the days til Christmas"
Christmas bags, shopping, and.....gingerbread houses.
Brogan and Gavin were so excited to decorate
their own little gingerbread house. I think they
were even more excited to eat the little candies.
Here I am assembling the houses. It was quite
a project!

Brogan's is the right and Gavin's is the left!

Aunt Tressie joined us in the fun!


Janet said...

Fun Christmas activity. Those are so small and cute. Mine always fall apart! Fun that Tressie could be there too.

Jandy Lou said...

You brave soul. We did houses last year. Yours turned out WAY better than ours! Fun, fun!

Michelene said...

Way to go, those houses are so cute. Did you make the gingerbread yourself? Hunter was so excited to do gingerbread houses for Christmas, too. I just never had the energy and soon Christmas was over. So we got a kit on clearance and we just did it last night for family home evening. The kids still had a blast and didn't care that Christmas is past.

Deidra Smith said...

I love the picture of Gavin with his squinty eyed smile. what a cutie. the houses are adorable.