Sunday, March 1, 2009

Valentine's Day

Brogan had a Valentine's Party at preschool!
He had fun decorating his Valentine bag.

Mommy helped him make his Valentine's for his
friends. This year we made Valentine butterflies
with and Airhead treat inside.

Gavin was invited to join the Valentine preschool
party! He was very excited.

Mommy helped Gavin make his Valentine's too!
We made Valentine caterpillar's attached to
Airhead treats.

They had a lot of fun at the party! They made
a Valentine craft, played a game, passed out
Valentine's, and had a treat!
Gramsie came the weekend of Valenetine's to
visit and get her hair done. It was fun to have
her here. She offered to watch all the grandkids,
who live here, while their parents went out. We
had already planned to have a family Valentine's
dinner. So we invited her to join us. I had fun
decorating the table with heart shaped plates,
napkins and candies! I made a special dinner of
pasta, salad, heart shaped bread sticks, chocolate
covered strawberries, and punch. It was so nice
and fun and I don't even have proof. I completely
forgot to take pictures. Dang it! After dinner, we
took Gramsie up on her offer to watch the kids,
and Seth and I went to the movies!

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