Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Fast" Sunday

I needed to write this down real quick before I forget. I love the funny things my kids say and don't write them down very often, which is really sad because I forget a lot of what they say. Anyway, here is my story. My kids are still young and since I am taking them to church on my own most of the time, I still pack a snack to help keep them occupied through sacrament meeting! On fast Sunday I don't take a snack though! Also on fast Sunday the bishop hands out stickers instead of treats for passing off Articles of Faith. So this has introduced Brogan to fast Sunday a little bit. So tonight I was in the middle of ironing shirts for church tomorrow and my oldest, Brogan, says to me, "Mom, is it fast Sunday or slow Sunday?" I had to stop and giggle to myself. I guess I haven't done a very good job of explaining what '"fast" Sunday is and why we have it. Remove Formatting from selection


Michelene said...

That is so cute!!
I think that I used to think that same way when I was younger. You're so right, better right down the cute things they say, they seem like they are the first things that slip in your memory.

Tressie Farley said...

That's great! I also love your family pictures along the edge of your page. They are so cool. Who was your photographer?!

Deidra Smith said...

what a cutie. I love the things kids say.

Kylie said...

How adorable! Kids are so cute and saysuch funny things, I suppose that's why we put up with their not so good sides. hehehe.

p.s. I love Brogans glasses, stylin.