Monday, November 3, 2008

Preschool Halloween Party

Brogan has had so much fun in preschool the
last couple of years. Our preschool group meets
on Thursdays. Each mom takes a turn teaching
a letter of the alphabet. I really enjoy coming up
with fun ideas when it is my turn to teach. I was
very excited when I ended up with the letter "H"
and so close to Halloween. I decided to have a
Halloween Party. I made cute little mummy
invitations to remind them about preschool and
to invite them to wear their costumes. We read
a spooky story about Mickey Mouse and a
Haunted House. I made a Haunted House out of
graham crackers for each kid to decorate with
frosting and candy. Then we played Halloween
Hopscotch! It turned out to be a lot of fun!


Waters said...

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, Gillian you are soooooo creative! When Im in charge of a party I know who to call for advice for sure!!!
I totally love the hopscotch idea on your floor.

Deidra Smith said...

How fun. I have preschool at my house this week for the first time. I hope it turns out even half as good. I'm a little nervous but hoepefully it will all come together:)