Monday, November 3, 2008

Meet the newest member of our family.
Sally the Scarecrow! Making a scarecrow
each year around Halloween has become
somewhat of a tradition in our family!


jkmoss3 said...

yay for blogging, I am so glad you have a blog and we can keep in touch. I am glad you found my blog, I have been meaning to get a hold of you. we are going to be passing through Boise with my parents as we move to Oregon in December , and we were wondering if we could maybe crash at your place. Let me know if that would be ok. I think my dad was going to call you some time.

Im excited to follow your blog.


Deidra Smith said...

How fun. I saw a scarecrow like that at one of our friends houses and it brought back fun memories of mom doing that at home. Good for you keeping up a fun tradition.