Monday, October 4, 2010

Camren's 1st Birthday!

 My baby turned 1 on September 4th.  I can hardly believe it.  Time sure flies by!  We had a farm yard birthday party for Camren.  It is tradition in our family(though some might say ooh gross) that the birthday person gets to lick the cake batter off the spoon or beaters.  Camren sure enjoyed it!

Camren's birthday cake was fun to make and I like how it turned out!  It tasted good too.  I took pictures of it as soon as I was finished and it is a good thing too, because the sylo tipped over and crushed the fence!

We had some yummy sweet pork burritos and lemon lime punch for dinner! 

Camren wasn't sure what to do with the candle on his cupcake, but he thought it was very neat!

 He wan't sure how to open presents either, but his brother's and some cousins were sure to help him.  Of course he loved the wrapping and boxes more than the gift itself.

 He got some very nice gifts from everyone that came to his party.  He was one very spoiled boy for his birthday. 

I think he definately approved and had a good time!  Thank you to all those who came to Camren's party.  It was nice to have you here. 

I love my little birthday boy!  It is so fun to celebrate birthday's! 

Here is Camren with all his birthday loot!

I made these little farm animals as party favors for the kids who came to his party.  There were pigs too.  I guess they were the popular ones!


Karen said...

I wish I ws at his party---everything looks so cute! The cake was amazing and the favors adorable. I'm amazed how much he is like his brothers. Do you guys just have one mold? The male version only I guess. Heehee!

Karen said...

That sounded weird I think. Even if you only have one model, it's a good one! Your boys are so cute.

Deidra Smith said...

I love the cake and the party favors. you are so creative! Looks like it all went well. Happy Birthday Camren!!!

Jared and Erin said...

Very cute!

Michelene said...

As always you make everything so stinkin cute.The cake turned out super cute. I'm glad it worked for you - if only long enough for pictures. :) Your boys are sure lucky to have you for a mom.

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

Holy cow, this is the cutest themed party I think I have ever seen! My boys are OBSESSED with Farm animals and this would be so fun to copy! HOW did you do that cake?? I love it!! Seriously, do you think that you can email me or something!? :0) I would love it, thanks!

sheilacapell at hotmail dot com

Tressie Farley said...

Oh wow, how cute. The cake is amazing and the party favors so cute. I'm not surprised at all--you're so creative and talented. Camren looks so great--miss him :)

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