Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Seth's off to class again!

    Seth had to leave for another class again!  He left the end of July!  Before he left we decided to do a family vacation.  We only had a short window of time in which to take our vacation and we couldn't really decided where to go or what to do.  So we decided to do a "Staycation"!  We stayed in our home town and just did a bunch of fun things.  We did some miniature golfing.  Brogan is very good at this "sport"!  We went to the Discovery Center.  Seth hadn't every been, so the kids had to show him all their favorite exhibits.  We did some picnicing, swimming, and bike riding.  We went to Monkey Business, which is a really fun play center.  We ate at some yummy restaurants and got some Coldstone icecream--YUM!  We had a lot of fun!
    We had to fit some yard work in there to.  We had a very huge maple tree in our front yard that we need to cut down.  Yeah it was pretty sad.  It got sick and died!  It was our biggest and best tree and there was nothing we could do for it!  Seth spent a few days with the help of his mom and some of his brothers  and the neighbors trying to get the darn thing out!  It was such a pain in the back, but they finally got it!
    The time went by fast and Seth had to leave for Kentucky!  He is taking a master gunners course for the tanks.  It is a really intense course but he is doing very well and will be back the end of September.  Yea!  He is almost done!

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