Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby Blessing

We blessed Camren on September 26 at home. We have
blessed all our little guys at home and it just seems to
work well for us. Most of Seth's family were able to attend.
Papa Steve did the honors, while Seth and his brother Jared
and Bishop St. John stood in the circle. Gramsie took notes
for us and was able to make a copy of his blessing for us to
put in his scrapbook. Tressie, my sister, also came to the
blessing. Deidra and Michelene, two of my other sisters
were going to come, but got sick at the last minute. Shelly,
my good friend and her kids came too. It was so nice to have
friends and family come and show their support. Thanks to all
those who could make it and those who wanted to, but couldn't
(we know you love us.) I had more pictures but couldn't seem to
get them to upload. Camren just didn't want his picture taken,
poor little guy. If I can get those other pictures to work I'll
have to edit this post.


Deidra Smith said...

Glad it was a good day, still sad that we couldn't be there:(

Jared said...

Sorry those pics won't upload. Ask Seth to change the resolution of the pics to 1200 X 799 and they should be small enough to upload.