Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gavin's Growing Up!

So Gavin has hit some major milestones in his life too. The week Brogan started school, we decided to potty train Gavin. He was amazing and caught on so fast. He had a few accidents at first and has had a few since, but for the most part he has it down great. And he isn't even three yet. Woo-hoo! He is even staying dry at night most of the time. I did have a couple pictures of Gavin potty training and in his new "Sesame Street" undies, but I can't seem to find them. Anyway, I am so proud of him.
Gavin has also started preschool! Yeah, I know, he is young, but he is really quite bright for an almost 3 year-old! I forgot to take pictures of his first day. He was so excited to lay out his clothes the night before and talked about it all week, but when we got there, he had to hang by mom the whole time. He still does, he is my shy guy. Hopefully he will get used to it and participate more.

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Jandy Lou said...

I can't believe your boys are that big!!! And they are adorable! It is incredible how fast time flies!!! I hope all is well!!!