Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Brogan!

Everyone please forgive me for all the pictures, but Brogan's daddy took a bunch of fun one's. Brogan decided he wanted an "Alien" birthday party. Aunt Tressie and I made the decorations for his party.

I did my best on his birthday cake. I couldn't find a cake mold anywhere. He thought his cake was great! Yea!

Birthday hugs after birthday spankin's

Birthday Gifts.....Ever since Brogan went swimming in his cousin's hot tub he has wanted "Wobble Gobbles" (water goggles). So when he opened these, he was so excited. He got two pair so he could share his wobble gobbles with his brother. He also got some other swimming gear. Now he's all set to spend the summer at the pool!

Yea Gum! Brogan's favorite! (sugarless is best)

I love how excited Brogan gets over the simplest things!

Brogan's first bike!

Blowing the candles out!

Finger lickin' good!

I can hardly believe my little Brogan has turned five years old. They really do grow so fast and change everyday! He is such a fun little boy with an outgoing personality! He is everyone's friend. He has a great imagination and is very creative! He brings joy to our lives. We love you Brogan and have enjoyed the five years we've had with you and can't wait to enjoy many more!
Happy Birthday!


Deidra Smith said...

Happy Birthday to Brogan (late:). It looks like his party was a hit. We're already in the planning stages for Kayson's big day. He is hoping for a Spy birthday party. Want to come? :)

Michelene said...

Those pictures are so cute. I especially love the one where Brogan is holding the little basket thing - what a priceless picture. That's so nice of you to share your wobble gobbles, Brogan.
I love the cake, too. Very creative.

Kylie said...

Sweet bike Brogs. That is just what Rileigh wants for her birthday. Looks like that was a fun party.