Sunday, March 22, 2009

So Brogan has some news to share......he gets to go to
Kindergarten this year! Yea! In the process of getting
him ready to register for Kindergarten, we found out
he was going to need glasses. My first thoughts as his
mother were "Oh No!"---Sorry Brogan, I guess you got
your parents bad genes. Brogan was not sorry at all. In
fact he was so excited he wouldn't let me forget to make
him an appointment to see the eye doctor. Then when I
made the appt. he kept asking all day, "When are we
going?" Then as we were driving to the eye doctor, he
called them on his pretend cell phone to let them know we
were on our way! He got to pick out two pairs of glasses
( with help from his parents of course). Throughout the
next week or so Brogan asked every day if his glasses
had come in so we could pick them up. Needless to say,
Brogan loves his glasses and is so excited to have them!
I must say he looks absolutely adorable in his new specs
as you can see from the pictures below!


Deidra Smith said...

He looks good. I thought Liberty was going to need them too, but our eye dr. said her eyes would change so much over the next year that he wanted to wait and see how they would do since they weren't too bad yet. I don't mind, but she was a little disappointed. Funny how they 'want' glasses at that age:)

Michelene said...

I love Brogan's glasses he looks so cute in them.
What a cute kid. I love it when kids have conversations on their phones. It is so fun to listen to.

Tressie Farley said...

Brogan, your glasses are awesome. You look so smart and cute!! I miss ya buddy :)

Janet said...

He is so stylin'! Such a cute little boy! Probably is a big change now!

Brook Wms said...

so cute.... I too was taken back when the dr. told us about Cole's eyes and needing glasses, funny!- then after ya take a step back and put it into context, it isn't so bad!! hope all is well ;)

Michelene said...

Hey Congratulations!!
Sorry I kept missing your calls. I think about you often and pray everything goes smoothly with this one. Love ya.