Thursday, January 8, 2009

. Traditions

Most Christmas Eve's since we have lived in Boise
have been spent with my brother-in-law and his
in-laws. His wife is from Mexico, so we get to
enjoy some authentic Mexican food. This year we
decided to stay home and do our own thing.
In my family, Christmas day dinner was always
Turkey Tostado's(Mexican food), which are really
yummy, but my husband hates them. Needless to
say I rarely get them on Christmas unless we go
home for Christmas! We decided to keep the
Mexican food theme as a Christmas Eve tradition,
but have lots of choices so everyone is happy.
We've also made brownie's and peppermint ice
cream a tradition.
Another tradition for us on Christmas Eve is to talk
about Jesus and read Christmas stories and sing
Christmas songs!
One last tradition I'll share is opening a new pair of
pajamas on Christmas Eve!

Gavin is an old pro at opening
presents now, since he just had
his birthday. He really loves
his Mickey Mouse pajamas!

I love Brogan's reaction when
he realized his pajamas were
Power Ranger ones.

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Deidra Smith said...

That is pure joy on his face:) You are really good at catching facial expressions. I love it