Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still playing catch up from Christmas!
During Christmas break we were able
to visit some family. First we stopped
off for a visit with Seth's dad, Steve, and
grandma Catie. We had fun visiting
with them and going to lunch with
Steve. As always, they spoil us for
Christmas. Thanks, Steve and Catie!

Then we were off to my sister's
house in Rexberg. My kids, nieces
and nephews helped me make
some yummy candy. They crushed
the candy canes and helped stir
them in the chocolate.

My kids had fun playing with their
cousins. Michelene came over too.

Seth and I had fun trying out
the Wii. I really had fun.

Next we were off to my brother-in-
law, Jared's, house. We spent a few
days with them, including New Year's
Eve. Gavin and his cousin, Parker, had
tons of fun together. They played so
well together. It was fun to watch
them. Of course my son was always
the instigator of all the naughty stuff
they did!

Last stop before we headed home
was my mother-in-law, Jan's, house.
We had a nice visit and nice dinner.
Gramsie really outdid herself this
year and crocheted evryone a pair
of slippers. Very Cute! We love them!
Thanks Gramsie!Then we finally went
home. We love to visit family, but after
being away from home for about a
week, I am definately ready to be home.

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Michi said...

I miss you guys already. I had so much fun haning out with your's and deidra's families. We definitely need to do that more often.