Friday, December 12, 2008

We had a really fun time the weekend before Thanksgiving in Pocatello. When we arrived on Thursday we met two of my sisters, Michelene and Deidra, and their kids for lunch. Then we took the kids to the park so they could play while we visited.
Michelene and her baby girl, Brielle.
Sweet baby Brielle!
Deidra and her little guy, Brancyn!
Brancyn is such a smiley little boy!
Michelene's oldest, Hunter.
Deidra's third kid, Brylee, and Gavin!
Deidra's first kid, Liberty!
Brylee and her brother, Kayson.
My brother-in-law, Jared, and his wife,Erin, planned the rest of our weekend, a family get together with lots of fun activities!
Friday night was girls night out. Erin and her friend, Teressa, planned a FABULOUS " Twilight party, which included: beautiful decor, a seven course Italian dinner( served by a few of our husbands), movie tickets to the "Twilight" movie, games, and a chocolate fountain. It was great fun! Thanks Erin and Teressa! p.s. still waiting for pictures of the great event!
Saturday morning was for the guys to do their thing. They played pool I think! While they were off doing their thing the kids were involved in a double birthday party for my niece Haven and my son Gavin!(Gavin's b-day isn't until Dec. 22, but the kids were all together and we thought it would be fun!). We had a jungle theme birthday party. I think the kids had fun.

Then Saturday afternoon we had a nice family dinner! Then that night, after the kids went to bed, most of the adults went cosmic bowling. It turned out to be a really fun weekend! Thanks Jared and Erin!


Janet said...

Oh, wow! Lots going on! Looks like so much fun! I'm glad you got to be with so much family!

Machelle Kay said...

You are so creative. I loved looking at your pics. Come see us at

Machelle Kay

Deidra Smith said...

It was so fun to see you. Thanks for inviting us to share your weekend with you.